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Sunday, 13 December 2015

French Napoleonic Artillery 1804 to 1812 (Victrix) 28mm

Another great purchase from nannyogg999 is the newish set from Victrix (here) which I bought before I realised they would soon be bringing out an 1812 to 1815 set. Not to worry though they were great to put together!

The sculpting is really good on these figures, in particular I was very happy with the definition on the faces and the moulding on the gun barrels. The set comes with 3 guns fitted to Gribeauval carriage, with an option of 6 or 12 pound variants (no howitzers). Sadly these won't match with the Perry set I have which use the System of the Year XI but if you can forgive the historical differences they all look very good together. Overall I would say the quality of these figures is better than that of the Perry set, the detail in particular is much clearer, but to be honest I've come to expect that from plastic sets.

The models come with a selection of heads and arms. As to arms you can choose to have either shoulder straps or fringed epaulettes. The head options are very nice and as you can see include shakos (covered or uncovered), bearskins for Imperial Guard gunners and even bicorne hats to suit earlier time periods.

Using the information provided with the pack I decided to depict two batteries of 6 pound guns, one with First Class gunners and the other with Second Class gunners and finally a battery firing a 12 pound gun manned by the Imperial Guard. I hope I got the uniforms right, I used the Napolun site (in particular there are two useful pages, one for foot artillery and the other for the Guard).

So without going on any further here are my newest additions!

Note to self, no more guns until there are more infantry!