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Monday, 12 October 2015

French Napoleonic Infantry (Perry Miniatures) 28mm

So after almost three months since I bought them I'm finally finished my most recent box and I've got to say they were a lot of fun to paint! So much so that I'm going to order another box after I've got through the recent Victrix stuff I've bought.

I bought them along with my 6 pounder and mounted officers but for various reasons it's taken me a while to get them finished.

In the box you get 42 figures, of which only the skirmishers and the officers are really multi-pose , the rest are single part marching poses - At first I thought this was a bit dull, but since I've started a Victrix French Infantry set I've very quickly come to appreciate that this format really does give you a quick and easy way to get figures out on the table. In contrast each of the 60 Victrix figures has to be assembled from a 1000 different combinations of heads and arms etc (not to mention that the labelling system of which arms match which desired pose sucks!).

I started researching French uniforms a little late with these as I was initially just going to stick to the ideas given on the box, however I did find this brilliant site... Cent Jours, whilst it's in French it's also a brilliant database of each of the armies at Waterloo including their facings and the small details that can be easily missed. I have attempted to give them a slightly weathered look, with some mud on their uniforms etc just to add some extra realism.

So without further ado, this is my effort at a French infantry battalion.