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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The English Army 1415-1429 (Perry Miniatures) 28mm

Here is a link to the completed set that I've recently posted! The English Army 1415-1429 (Perry Miniatures) 28mm (Finished)

Again taking inspiration from a series of books I've read the Grail Quest and Agincourt both by Bernard Cornwell (again I know!.. guess where my interest in the Napoleonic Wars came from too?!, that man has a lot to answer for). I decided to pick up a set of Medieval infantry from Perry Miniatures, this set contains parts to make both archers with war bows and men at arms - fully armoured and carrying polearms (although scabbarded swords are included).

The set contains 24 archers and 12 men at arms, banners, bases and as seems to be the norm with the Perry brothers a very useful painting guide.

 The figures themselves are very detailed and look like they will be great fun to paint.

 Archer sprues contain the choice to add a trumpeter or to arm the archers with mallets, swords and other weapons - particularly handy for battles like Agincourt where the archers played a big role in killing so many captured French nobles. The torsos are wearing padded jackets or gambesons and all are armed with a dagger.

 The men at arms come with a variety of weapons including poleaxes, swords, warhammers, axes, lances and spears. A shield is included on each sprue but from the description on the Perry website it seems that these were almost useless at the time due to advanced in armour design.
Each sprue for the men at arms includes separate visors and orles - which seem to be padded circlets worn around the head. The armour comes mainly without surcoats over the top so painting should be a pretty simple drybrush job.

The poses seem pretty similar at the moment so it will be good to get these off the sprue and start putting them together!

More to come soon!

So here are a few test shots of the poses I've put together, I've used blue tack to stick them together for now as the two handed polearms cant be a pain to line up at times!
As you can see the poses are very dynamic, my favourite is the guy with the sword and his hand up, as if he's saying to the French "come at me bro".

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