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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

French Cuirassiers (Perry Miniatures) 28mm

Newest box completed in time for tomorrows 200th anniversary of Waterloo. These are a set of French Cuirassiers by Perry Miniatures (link) I got these from ebay from nannyogg999 on ebay who has a fantastic range of models and exceptionally quick delivery times. I've ordered two sets from this seller now and both have arrived within 2 days of me placing the order.

This is a nice set to work on and the first cavalry I've done since I worked on a set of Warhammer Chaos Knights. The only issue I had was that I managed to screw up which figure was riding on which horse and which legs belonged to who. This wouldn't normally matter but as the officer would have ridden a different horse, had a different helmet and had a different set of legs it does make a difference. As it turns out I didn't actually make an individual who can be identified as an officer because of this.

Other than that these were nice to paint although I had some issues with a very thick black undercoat, I must have sprayed too close!


  1. Very nice. I think you tackled a hard set for your first foray into 28mm Naps. They look great and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Love the 6th photo frame .Imagine being some villager on another battlefield and you've got this musket but these huge Horse's and riders are coming across the paddock at you ( i always think and attempt to relive those eras in real life ,horses are big buggers lol ) .
    That last sentence related to me . Too much spray made me lose the detail of some Fr Grenadiers . So the next project was Austrians and my local shop advised just use black wash then white .But the point is wash defines the details really nicely .Plus a bit of colour mixed with the grubbiness of campaign marching and camping in uniform would render most soldiers uniforms grotty ,apart from the regimental ,Corps commanders har har