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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Paint Station & Paints

So once I eventually got my stuff I set about unpacking what I'd spent my money on.

Paint Station

The first (and I think most impressive thing) I got was a paint station. I got this for about £20 (including postage from Poland) from a company called HobbyZone (http://www.hobbyzone.pl/en/tables-for-painting/14-paint-station.html)

It came in a small flat pack box and only needed a little glue to put it together, and I've got to be honest it's a live saver! I do my work at my desk, and although it's only an IKEA desk I don't want to ruin it. I want to paint models not my furniture. It's sturdy, compact and fits nicely under the bed when I need to move it away. They look like they have a great range including transport cases and even boat building tools!


I opted for the Vallejo Game Colour Introduction set.

For £30 this set contains x16 17ml bottled paints:
Dead White
Sunblast Yellow
Orange Fire
Bloody Red
Ultramarine Blue
Dark Green
Goblig Green
Bronze Fleshtone
Cobra Leather
Beasty Brown
Stonewall Grey
Gunmetal Metal
Polished Gold

Confession - I also bought a few extra bottles of paint and wash (the best one being Army Painter's strong tone).

It's a good selection and I find the paints are of a very good quality. The bronzed flesh isn't much good even as a flesh base (I've had to move to using Cadmiun Skin laced with bonewhite to tone it down). The metallic paints cover well but if they're watered too much you'll need a couple of extra coats.


I went for one of each of the Army Painter spray undercoats in Black and White.

Since I've now completed two different sets of figures (Vikings and Napoleonic Cuirassiers) I can honestly say that I'm going to switch to a light grey primer/undercoat rather than white or black. When using the white to coat figures it can show through even if you miss just the smallest speck, whilst using the black really does bring the whole colour of the model down a few notches.

That's all for now, I did get myself a few other bits - glue, sand, static flock, brushes, cutting matt etc but let's be honest they're more boring than spray paint.

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